DIY Cnc Router Machine 8” Z axis

DIY Cnc Router Kit machine

DIY Cnc Router Machine 8” Z axis

Machine made of 3/4 and 1/2  aluminium plate, aluminium extrusion 6060, ball screw 16 mm pitch 5 mm TBI

The CNC Router Kit project is a complete set of instructions on how to build a  CNC Router Machine. The Cnc Router Kit is very simple and easy to build. The set includes all aluminium parts, screw, ball screw, linear SBR 20 mm, spindle + Vfd, and cnc driver set.

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For the construction of our machines You will need square angle ruler

square angle ruler to build cnc router machine

and Allen Hex Keys

Allen keys for bulid machine

  1. Our Cnc Router Kit has 3 different lengths of aluminum profiles  for the build of the frame  we must take the longest and shortest dimension, the middle  dimension will be  used later to build the X axis and also  we will need  4 x big corner bracket  and  4 x smaller corner bracket  screw  48 x 1/4-20    1/2  and  the same amount  of T-nuts

cnc router kit frame build

Now we will needs square angle ruler to set correctly the squareness of our frame

cnc router machine frame DIY

2)  Now time for  the legs these legs are 80 mm in length we need 4  x smaller corner backer  and 16 x 1/4-20  1/2 long with T-nuts

cnc router legs

picture 2

maszine feame with legs

3) step we have to add the Linear slide guide SBR 20 mm

cnc machine Linear slide guide SBR 20 mm

Linear setup 8 mm  from the edge of the extrusion

how to setup linear in cnc machine

4) Our Machine  is ready for  side aluminium plate  for this you need  X axis ball screw, ball screw nut housing, 6 x screw 10-32 5/8 first we have to tighten the nut housing to the ball screw.

cnc router X axis ball screw with maunt

after that please take the two aluminum side plates and and tighten slightly to the linear bearings block with  16 x  M6 30 mm (remember  to add to the screw washers  )

cnc ploter aluminium side plate

Now we can add a ball screw please secure the ball screw with nuts M10  and M8 with washers

Machine with ball screw and nut housing

5)  to mount the X axis, we screwed and set linear on the extrusion with 1/4 -20 1/2 screw and nut

X axis extrusion

tighten the extrusion  with 16 x M8 30mm long with washer

DIY cnc router machine

6) Smaller Z axis plate we need to tighten  to the bearings block with 16 x M6  25 mm long screws and 2 x M8 x 25 mm long

Z axis plate for cnc router kit

7) Setup linear on the big Z axis Plate 5 mm from the corner  of the aluminium plate

Low cost cnc router

Big Z axis plate we need to add linear with bearing block  please tighten  it with 6 x 10-32 1/2

Z axis linear setup

8)  Z axis ball screw  add the ball screw bracket  and tighten with
6 x 10-32 7/8

Z axis ball screw cnc router kit

We need  30 minute  to finish that  instruction

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